The best orthodontist in Philadelphia

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If you’re looking for a dentist or an orthodontist in the Philadelphia area, look no further than Center City Ortho for you orthodontist needs. An orthodontist specializes in teeth aligning techniques like braces, invisalign, and other methods. If you want to stay healthy and have great looking teeth, there’s no other option than to go to an orthodontist who you can trust will make you look your best. You will want to make sure that the doctor has a good reputation and has a large body of work to show that he or she knows what they’re doing. There’s nothing worse than going to someone for help and having them mess something up, or worse, hurting you.

With the modern options out there, there’s things for everyone. If you’re worried about how unsightly braces are, try invisalign. If you worried about how long they’ll take, try accelerating with special, hi-tech tools. With the various options out there, you’ll find something that fits your needs to get your teeth straight!

They offer a friendly staff with the most modern equipment. Right when you enter the office, you’ll be greeted by the friendliest people who will take care of you. The orthodonist, who is Ivy league educated, has many many years of experience in many fields. He will take very good care of you. I was worried initially when I went in. Everyone is a bit scared of getting dental work done. But I felt so at home at this office that I actually like going in. The office is so nice and clean that it’s a pleasure to go. Not to mention the custom made dental chairs!

If you’re in an emergency, Center City Ortho will see you at odd hours. They can fix you up if something happens even on a weekend or at night. Feel at home knowing that you’ll be in good hands! Feel free to check out

How to eat healthy and stay energized

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Proven tips on how to eat healthy peg around a practical plan that is easily incorporated into the diet. Nourishing the body with just the right proportions of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients helps achieve a sustainable schedule that keeps one energized enough to keep up with their daily lifestyle requirements.

Healthy spices are a good addition to an existing plan as they introduce wonderful aromas and flavor that keep culinary preferences excited all the time. They also help take away the drab taste that is associated with healthy foods that have a low caloric count. An overall feel good elation is something to look forward to.

Trying out a salad bar instead of a fast food joint brings up plenty of decent options where personal favorites can be easily established and adopted into the daily plan.

Salt and added sugar intake has to be limited as much as possible for an overall healthy lifestyle. This means regulating intake of soft drinks and refined foods at all cost. Dried fruit is a nutrient rich alternative that works just as well to counter sugar rush.

Slow gradual changes to healthier food choices is a good strategy that will help curb bad habits. New diets may prove unsavory but with just the right discipline and commitment there is a lot more to gain.

Light more frequent meals are actually better than one time heavy meals. Spacing out meals keeps away frequent hunger pangs and reduces emotional eating.

It is important to set realistic diets that are flexible in order to get to a respectable outcome. Staying on course is top priority for any plan to become successful. Personal treats once in a while are recommended to make the entire experience worthwhile.

Any health concerns are best handled by a certified dietician.

Skin care at night

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It’s a fact that everyone wants to look and feel beautiful and the skin is the organ which easily portrays beauty or the lack of it. It’s therefore very necessary to take care of it to keep it healthy and amazing. Most people are concerned with how their skin looks and feels during the day and fail to recognize the importance of skin care at night.

Ensuring your skin is well taken care of at night will have it remain healthy and beautiful for the longest time. Removal of all make up before sleeping and thorough cleansing is the age old rule that needs to be adhered to since leaving it on will clog your pores and make you break out as you have collected lots of dirt all day long.

Always moisturize the skin to keep it soft and supple all night long. You can also use a humidifier in your bedroom to keep the air humid. Brush your lips and apply lip balm to keep them soft as well as heal any cracks. Also apply eye cream but keep it a safe distance from the eyelashes to keep it away from your eyes. This is because it will irritate your eyes and make them red and puffy. To further reduce eye puffiness, sleep with your head elevated.

Change your pillowcases often to prevent accumulation of bacteria which can be deposited on your skin. Also sleep on satin or silk sheets and pillowcases as they are gentle on your skin and don’t absorb moisture. Minimize your alcohol and salt intake as they dehydrate you making you look tired.

That said; always check the ingredients of the night products you use to ensure they don’t harm your skin. Look for those with nourishing, soothing and rejuvenating properties and they should also suit your skin type for the best results. Lastly have your beauty sleep for at least 7 hours.

The Best Types of Sunscreen

best sunscreen types
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When it comes to sunscreen, there are a lot of misconceptions about what’s going to protect you and your skin.

One of the first myths of sunscreen use is that SPF 100 is going to be twice as good as SPF 50. In fact, once you go above SPF 45, sunscreen typically is no more effective since it still needs to be reapplied every 45-50 minutes, or less if swimming.

Sunscreen and tanning oil are often confused, but they are not the same at all. Tanning oil offers minimal to no sun protection and is intended to “enhance” a tan. Sunscreen is your best option if you’re spending all day at the beach.

Speaking of beaches, sunscreen isn’t just for when you plan to be lounging around in your bikini. You should wear sunscreen every day when you’re outside, even on cloudy days. SPF 15 to 30 is sufficient for everyday use. Look for a sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays and is free of parabens. Natural sunscreens work just fine, but for solid protection, zinc oxide is a good choice for sensitive areas like the nose, ears, and mouth.

When people wear sunscreen, they often tend to miss some pretty important places that could lead to skin cancer later in life. The nose, temples, and around the hairline are prime spots for getting sun damage if you’re not careful to cover those parts in sunscreen. If you drive a lot, your arm and neck may also be at risk from sun exposure.

Many people equate tans with health and sun burns with cancer, but tans can be dangerous too. Avoid sitting out in the sun for hours at a time and never use tanning beds. For a natural, healthy glow, try some natural bronzers. Physician’s Formula makes a wonderful bronzer that interacts with the pH in your skin to create a glow best suited to your skin tone.  Sephora also has some high quality bronzers and moisturizers with UV protection.

Whether you’re out in the sun all the time or only go out for a few minutes every day, not all sun is bad. One of the best ways to get vitamin D is to get a little sun every day. Sun protection is all about balance and vigilance, so just carry a mini bottle of sunscreen in your bag wherever you go and you should be prepared for any sun-soaked situation.

Basics of Moisturizers

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Moisturizing is one of the basic skin care practices ideally done on a daily basis. But have you stopped to ask yourself why it’s so important? Moisturizers are used to hold water in the outer layer of the skin to prevent drying out. If the skin is already dry, the oils rehydrate the skin making it supple and smooth.

Moisturizers can also help protect your skin from external factors by creating a barrier that keeps out elements that could harm the skin. Bare skin loses natural oils easily becoming dry and chaffy, and may also experience irritation after coming into contact with various impurities.

There are several different types of moisturizers formulated to cater for the different skin types. According to the classification done by skin experts, the most common skin types are dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin. There is also a small percentage of people with combination skin.

Most moisturizers are formulated for normal skin. They are light and contain natural oils. Heavier, creamy moisturizers are used for dry skin to keep it moist. They are mostly oil based and contain humectants which lock in the moisture.

Oily skin is moisturized with light, oil-free moisturizers to avoid clogging the pores. They are water-based and give the skin a non-greasy feel. Moisturizers formulated for sensitive skin are fragrance and dye free to avoid irritating the skin. It also contains sun-screen which protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.

The secret to landing the right moisturizer is having your skin tested to determine the skin type. Always take time to read the package of your moisturizer as it holds essential information on the composition of its contents. Regularly moisturized skin is soft, smooth and radiant giving you a healthy and attractive look. The skin remains elastic and will hardly display the signs of aging. Protect and nourish your skin with moisturizer today.